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The Lab Salon Suites Palm Beach Rent a Salon Suite
The Lab Salon Suites Palm Beach Rent a Salon Suite

Renting a Suite...It’s easier than ever!

The Salon Suite industry is growing at a rapid rate and for a good reason. Salon Suite renters make more money!

With that growth so is the potential of 1000’s of beauty professionals to become financially independent. In the past the idea of owning your own salon required a store front, long term lease obligations, substantial amount of capital, employees and a lot of personal risk. Today, the Salon Suite concept enables beauty professionals to start their own Business at a very minimal cost  (sometimes zero) and offer a lot of potential. 

Most Salon Suites are turn key operations, providing most amenities such as cabinets, sinks, styling chairs, wash stations etc. and includes utilities, Wi-Fi and cleaning services all in one weekly rent.

Although not all salon suite companies are the same, they all enable you to:


• Keep 100% of your profit without sharing it with the store owner.

• Work any time of the day you prefer since you have 24/7 access.

• Set your own prices.

• Sell the products you like.

Suite Rental vs Commision.

It’s all about the numbers! Your most important asset is your clientele. Are they going to follow you to your new location? Are your sales enough to justify your next step? Be realistic on your expectations!

Below is a simple example of how the same amount of sales can improve the profit you take home by renting a Salon Suite. Just adjust the numbers to fit your projected sales and expenses. The difference can be substantial!


Gross weekly Sales:                       1,950.00

Weekly product Sales:                    220.00

Total gross Sales:                           2,170.00

Earned 50% Sales                            970.00

Earned 10% Products                         22.00



TOTAL WEEKLY EARNINGS                 997.00

Average monthly income          4,320.00

Average Yearly income:            51,844.00


Gross weekly Sales:   30hX$65.00               1,950.00

Weekly product Sales:                                   220.00

Total gross Sales:                                          2,170.00

SUITE RENT                                                        275.00                 


Earned 50% Products                                       110.00

TOTAL WEEKLY EARNINGS                               1,785.00

Average monthly income                          7,735.00

Average Yearly income:                           92,820.00

Find a Suite for your new business!

This is an important decision since different Salon Suites offer different plans. All Salon Suites advertise a weekly rent.

Make sure you understand what is included in your weekly rent and what may be optional or additional charge. 

Some franchises only include the very basic in their rent and charge extra monthly fees for additional furniture packages. Some offer only coin operated washers and dryers, adding more cost and hassle to your daily operation. Try to make your decision with your clients in mind. 

How far your clients are willing to travel to come to your new location? A more modern, spacious and luxury suite will be seen as an upgrade and is a good reason for your client to follow you to your new location.

Some Salon suites are very small, crowded, poorly decorated and with no wall insulation.

A/C is very important for your comfort and the comfort of your client. You will find that a lot of Suites keep their doors open so the air can circulate in their Suite from the hallways. By doing that you expose yourself and your clients to different chemicals and smells from your neighboring suites.

A well designed Suite should have a individual ventilation system, individual thermostat and an A/C intake in each Suite!


We guarantee Luxury Suites! Visit our Suites, compare and decide for yourself!

Starting your own business can be challenging. Most Salon Suites have one year minimum lease terms. That means that  you are legally obligated to finish all 12 months payments and pay each rent on time.

A month to month lease agreement is the best way. If for any reason things don’t work the way you initially thought you can exit by giving a 30 day notice, without risking legal complications and bad credit.


Your Logo, Business Cards, Postcards, Door Signs...

Your success at your new Suite is very important

to us. Promoting your new business and location

is a complimentary service we extend to all our

new, one year lease tenants. We will print your

new Business Cards and Postcards to inform

your clients of your new location. If you currently

don't have a logo for your company we will work

with our advertising team to create one.

We will also install your full color logo on the

glass door of your Suite. It looks professional

and will add to your Suite's ambiance.

Noise insulated walls throughout!

The Lab Salon Suites Palm Beach Rent a Salon Suite
The Lab Salon Suites Palm Beach Rent a Salon Suite

Noise can be a big problem in Salon Suites. Some Salon Suites have no noise insulation at all between them.

A private Suite is not private without insulated walls!

All the LAB Suites come standard with fully insulated walls so you and your client can enjoy your privacy.

All our Suites also come with installed noise reduction privacy curtains.

Come experience the LAB Advantage!

A/C thermostat in every Suite!

ac thermostat.png

Control your Suite's temperature without compromises! An A/C thermostat is installed in every Suite. Just set the temperature you wish, close your door and enjoy your work!

A whisper quite ventilation system is also installed on every Suite.

It turns on with your lights and continue to ventilate your Suite throughout the day without noice or interruptions.

Central vacuum system inlet!

 As with all our amenities a central vacuum system comes also standard with your Suite. Just tap it with your foot, sweep everything in the vacuum inlet and close it back. This system is ideal for allergy sufferers. Unlike portable vacuums that recycle air back

to the room this central vacuum redirects the air away from the Suites. 

Let us hang your new chandelier!

Chandeliers require extra ceiling support because of their weight. All our Suites are designed to support large chandeliers and come with a separate wall switch.

Chandelier lighting will help you create the perfect ambiance.


Standard Amenities

• AMPLE parking space.

• Sound insulated walls for extra privacy.

• Oversized frameless glass door with glass transom.

• Porcelain tile throughout.

• High end wall to wall custom cabinets.

• Chandelier (hook up.)

• Utility cabinet.

• Color Bar.

• Wall to wall 8 feet mirrors.

• Wall shelves to display your products.

• Italian Hydraulic styling chairs.

• Individual whisper quite ventilation.

• Individual A/C thermostat and intake.

• Central Vacuum System with automatic floor vent.

• Wall mounted front door camera and door opener.

• Individual Refrigerator in every Suite.

• FREE usage of Washer/Dryer.

                                       (For your salon towels.)

Don't just rent a Suite... Come visit THE LAB SUITES.

The difference is quite obvious.

Best of all, Your clients will love it!

Most Affordable


• Suite prices starting at $230.00 per week.

• Single, Double and Shared Suites.

• Low Lease Rates to keep your overhead low.

• All utilities included in your lease payment.

                  (Except your personal/business phone.)

• Free Wi-Fi.

• 24/7 access to your private Suite.

• Front desk concierge.

• 24/7 Camera Security & Video surveillance.

• Free glass door sign.

• Free business cards to inform your clients of your move.

                                       (Please ask for details.)

Get Started!

After filling out an application, the process usually takes 1-2 business days. In the meanwhile we will reserve 

the Suite of your choice. You will need to provide us with your current state issued license and obtain the proper insurance. THE LAB Leasing Office is on site, open every day during regular business hours and will assist you to make  this transition a breeze.

The Lab Salon Suites Palm Beach Rent a Salon Suite
The Lab Salon Suites Palm Beach Rent a Salon Suite
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